Төртінші актуарлық мектеп (2015 жылдың 16-18 қыркуйектің жұлдызы)


  1. Why Solvency 2? Challenges in implementation. Reinsurance under the Solvency 2. by Rodolfo Wehrhahn.
  2. Challenges in calculation of Best Estimate for non-life insurance companies by Herve Odjo.
  3. Social Security, Investment of Insurance Companies. Investment of Insurance Companies, Design and Funding of Workers’ Compensation Insurance by Douglas Carey
  4. Non Proportional Reinsurance features by Peter Talbot.
  5. Risk management under the Solvency 2, Understanding the ODP Bootstrap Model and Adapting for Solvency II. Risk management under the Solvency 2, Integrating Reserve Variability into ERM by Mark Shapland.
  6. Valuation of Life Insurance Business. Aspects of Insurance with an Investment Component in Life Insurance by Almas Rymov


ТМД елдерінің актуарийлерінің Екінші Конгресі және Үшінші актуарлық мектеп (2014 жылдың 26-28 қарашасының жұлдызы)


  1. Comprehensive Actuarial Risk Evaluation (CARE) by David Ingram
  2. Capital requirements, IAS 19 accounting issues, Enterprise risk management in pensions by Esko Kivisaari
  3. The effects of financial crisis on pension systems by Asta Zviniene
  4. Building up a professional actuarial association. About Advice and Assistance Committee IAA by Tarmo Koll
  5. Professionalism Course by Chris Daykin


Екінші актуарлық мектеп (2009 жылдың 7-13 қыркуйегінің жұлдызы)


  1. Liability Adequacy Testing - Life Insurance by Zhen Chen (Nickle)
  2. Liability Adequacy Testing General Insurance. Developing Risk Management Systems in Insurance (Reinsurance) Companies by Jean DeSantis
  3. Investment and credit risks of Pension Funds, analysis of pension assets liquidity. Forecasting of pension payments for Defined Contribution Plans by Timothy R. Leier.
  4. Risk management and Financial Stability including stress testing and financial stability/solvency indicators by Sergey Sidirov


Бірінші актуарлық мектеп (2008 жылдың 18-23 ақпанның жұлдызы)


  1. Insurance Economics by Marian Wisniewski
  2. Health insurance by Andrey Kydryavtsev
  3. Models for premium rating in Non-Life Insurance by Wojciech Otto
  4. Non Proportional Reinsurance by Jean-Francois Walhin
  5. Enterprise Risk Management and Economic Capital. Non Life Employee Benefits in US by Jetha Shiraz