Structure ОАК

The highest body of the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan" is the general meeting of members - the Conference.

Governing body – Board

Executive body - Executive Director

Supervisory body - Audit Commission


Governing body:

Honorary Chairman of the Board:                                        Michael Sze


Chairman of the Board:                                                           Karlygash Baizhanov


Members of the Board:                                                            Abish Naila

                                                                                                        Aukenov Aydar

                                                                                                        Baimenova Laura

                                                                                                        Ismukhambetova Zhanat

                                                                                                        Koptleyov Mukhtar

                                                                                                        Sapin Azat

                                                                                                        Shakenov Rinat

                                                                                                        Shatmanov Berik


Qualification commission:
Chairman of the Qualification Commission:                    Urzhumova Dina


Executive Director:                                                                  Imanberdiyev Dogdyrbek


Audit committee:                                                                     Davletvuratov Baiterek

                                                                                                       Japakova Aisulu



The Committee on the methodology of actuarial calculations and expertise of normative legal acts

The Committee has the main objective to participate in the development of the regulatory framework of the insurance market, together with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, it develops professional standards, a method for calculating the liabilities of insurance (reinsurance) organizations, participates in the discussion and decision-making on instructions being prepared by the National Bank, with the provision of conclusions on them. Participates in the development of recommendations for insurance (reinsurance) organizations on issues related to the calculation of insurance reserves, insurance rates, possible discounts from insurance premiums.


Committee on Education

The committee is engaged in the organization of process of training of new actuaries and improvement of professional skill of actuaries already trained. The Committee develops procedures and requirements (qualification requirements, examination procedure, rules for assessing qualification examinations, etc.). It is also the responsibility of the Committee to develop a procedure for disputable issues related to the training process.


Committee of Professional Conduct

The committee is intended to support the protection of public interests and the reputation of the profession. The Committee is responsible for writing and observing the Code of Ethics of the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan.


Committee on Public Relations

The purpose of this unit is to establish communication with international public organizations with the aim of integrating the Society into the international community of specialists-actuaries, informing the Society about ongoing International Conferences with the participation of actuaries, is the link between the external information field and the Society.