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Management Board of the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan

 The highest body of the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan" is the general meeting of members - the Conference.

Governing body Board

Executive body - Executive Director

Supervisory body - Audit Commission

Governing body:

Honorary Chairman of the Board: Michael Sze

Chairman of the Board: Karlygash Baizhanov

Members of the Board: Abish Naila

Aukenov Aydar

Baimenova Laura

Ismukhambetova Zhanat

Koptleyov Mukhtar

Sapin Azat

Shakenov Rinat

Shatmanov Berik

Qualification commission:
Chairman of the Qualification Commission: Urzhumova Dina

Executive Director: Imanberdiev Dogdyrbek

Audit committee:

Davletvuratov Baiterek

Japakova Aisulu

The Committee on the methodology of actuarial calculations and expertise of normative legal acts

The Committee has the main objective to participate in the development of the regulatory framework of the insurance market, together with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, it develops professional standards, a method for calculating the liabilities of insurance (reinsurance) organizations, participates in the discussion and decision-making on instructions being prepared by the National Bank, with the provision of conclusions on them. Participates in the development of recommendations for insurance (reinsurance) organizations on issues related to the calculation of insurance reserves, insurance rates, possible discounts from insurance premiums.

Committee on Education

The committee is engaged in the organization of process of training of new actuaries and improvement of professional skill of actuaries already trained. The Committee develops procedures and requirements (qualification requirements, examination procedure, rules for assessing qualification examinations, etc.). It is also the responsibility of the Committee to develop a procedure for disputable issues related to the training process.

Committee of Professional Conduct

The committee is intended to support the protection of public interests and the reputation of the profession. The Committee is responsible for writing and observing the Code of Ethics of the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan.

Committee on Public Relations

The purpose of this unit is to establish communication with international public organizations with the aim of integrating the Society into the international community of specialists-actuaries, informing the Society about ongoing International Conferences with the participation of actuaries, is the link between the external information field and the Society.



Firm: Sze Associates Ltd.

E-mail Address:

Dr. Sze is a retired partner of Hewitt Associates, where he was an actuarial manager and lead consultant on pension modeling projects. In his thirty plus years of experience as a pension and insurance consultant, he has guided private companies through critical events such as buy/sell, merger/spin-off, termination, union negotiation. He has taught actuarial science to pension regulators of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, and other professional groups in Canada. He has taught actuaries to perform asset/liability modeling for many years, including courses organized by the Society of Actuaries in Asia. He is currently the President and Owner of Sze Associates, Ltd., a financial and insurance benefits consulting company in Canada.

Dr. Sze is a well-respected teacher of insurance and pension, renowned for his exceptional ability to communicate complicated concepts in simple terms. He is a frequent speaker at professional actuarial and pension conferences.

Since his retirement from Hewitt Associates, Dr. Sze has been active in the actuarial profession on the international scene. He helped the Directorate of Pension of Indonesia formulate a plan to implement risk-based supervision for pension plans in Indonesia. From 2004 to 2005, he assisted the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of China, to formula the supervisory structure and regulations for Enterprise Annuity in China. He also conducted actuarial training programs in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, India and Serbia.

The highlight of Dr. Szes international work was helping to establish the actuarial profession in Kazakhstan. He went to Kazakhstan in 1999 and delivered a seminar to the National Bank staff and other professionals on the functions of actuaries, and their pivotal importance for insurance, pension and social security. Subsequent to the seminar, a Kazakhstan workgroup was setup, which recommended establishing the actuarial profession in Kazakhstan. It was written into the Insurance Law which stated that from 2001 all insurance reports must be signed by a Qualified Actuary. In 2000, Dr. Sze helped the National Bank formulate regulations governing the qualification standards of actuaries in Kazakhstan. To become a Qualified Actuary in Kazakhstan, a candidate must pass six actuarial examinations, two at the basic level, four at the advanced level. With financial support of the USAID a series of courses were provided from 2000 to 2008. Examinations up to international standards were given at the end of each course. Initially, these courses were taught by international professors, with the assistance of Kazakhstan tutors. Later on, the training was taken over by Kazakhstan actuaries.

Karlygash Bayzhanova

Karlygash Bayzhanova graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Moscow State University. She joined the actuarial profession in 2001, taking part in training on actuarial courses. Since then, he actively participates in the life of the Society of Actuaries of Kazakhstan: from 2002 to 2005 - Member of the Education Committee, from 2005 to 2007 - Member of the Board of the Society of Actuaries of Kazakhstan, since 2007 - Executive Director of the Society of Actuaries of Kazakhstan, since 2016 - Chairman of the Board

Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan