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Organizational Structure of the Society

Management Board of the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan

 Honorary Chairman of the Management Board: 	           Michael Sze   

 Chairman of the Management Board:                                   Knykova Akzharkyn
 Chairman of Qualification Commission:                               Urzhumova Dina

 Executive Director:	                                                      Baizhanova Karlygash

 Members of the Management Board:              	            Sikhov Mirbulat
 						            Rymov Almas
 						            Myrzakhmet Bolat
 						            Shakenov Rinat
						            Tukeeva Zhanar
						            Shakenov Askar
						            Kenesbaeva Zhanar
						            Eldesbay Kuralay

Committee for the Methodology of Actuarial Computations and Review of Regulations

     Its primary goal is to participate in the drafting of the regulatory framework for the insurance market, jointly with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In particular, the Committee drafts professional standards, methodology for computation of liabilities of insurance (reinsurance) organizations, participates in discussions and the decision-making in respect of guidelines prepared by the National Bank providing the opinions regarding the guidelines. In addition, it takes part in developing recommendations for insurance (reinsurance) organizations concerning computation of actuarial reserves, premium rates, available rebates to the insurance premiums, etc.

Education Committee

     Committee is involved in arranging the training process for new actuaries and the career enhancement for for those actuaries who have already undergone training. The Committee develops procedures and requirements (qualification requirements, examination procedures, evaluation procedures for qualification examinations, etc.) The Committees scope also includes the development of the procedure for handling vexed issues concerning the training process.

Professional Conduct Committee

     The given department is intended for the protection of public interests and the professions repuitation. The Committee is responsible for writing and complying with the Societys Code of Ethics.

Public Relations Committee

     Relations Committee establishes relations with international public organizations to ensure that the Society integrates into the international community of actuarial specialists, advises the Society of International Conferences with participation of actuaries, and serves as a liaison between the external information field and the Society.

Heads of Committees comprise the Societys Management Board

Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan